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Top 5 common uses of Aluminum

Aluminium is the third most copious metal found on the earth. It is popular extensively because of its massive variety of uses. This flexible metal is used for especially being high in strength and low in weight also this metal is corrosion resistant as its grey oxide layers provides protection.

Aluminium could also be recycled by 100% and that too without losing its natural properties. Also, the recycling of scrap aluminium takes far less energy than to produce new aluminium making it environmentally friendly to use.

This metal is used in various different ways but here are some of the most common uses of aluminium:


The metal is used in transportation for being too much stronger than the ratio of the weight. The lightweight of the metal makes the vehicle move with less force and that increases the fuel efficiency. Even though the auto industry depends on steel so much but the need for fuel efficiency and reduction in co2 generation has increased the wider use of aluminium in the industry.


The use of aluminium to construct a building literally makes it maintenance free because of the property of the metal of being corrosion resistant. It is also efficient thermally, that helps to keep the home cool in summer and hot in winter. Also, the finishing of the aluminium is very good because being flexible it can be curved, cut and welded in any desirable shape. The flexibility of the metal gives the freedom to the architect to make a structure or building that is not possible to make with wood or steel.

Electrical use:

Electrical Conductivity being only 63% but the metal’s low density makes it the best choice for long-distance lines of power. Instead, if copper is used it could make the structure that supports the electrical lines heavier and costly. Also, the aluminium is softer than the copper which makes the forming of it in the wire easy.

Cans and containers:

The most common use of aluminium is the packaging cans and containers that are made with it because aluminium can withstand the carbonation pressure inside the can. Additionally, it can easily be formed in any shape and won't rust.

Consumer Goods:

Mobile phones, tablets, TV, laptop and many other consumer goods are being made with aluminium. The metal makes the gadgets look sleek in design with being light in weight.

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